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Proudly providing Neurofeedback sessions with NeurOptimal ®.

Using Life changing technology our sessions are:

Non Invasive – Nothing is being put into or taken from the brain.

Sensors are put on your head and ears to measure the electrical activity of your brain.

100% Natural – The system works with you and your brain, so results are individual and unique to you.

Naturally, just like if you walked past a mirror and saw that your shirt was half untucked, you might tuck it in,

when NeurOptimal ®provides your brain and central nervous system with the information

about itself and it will naturally self correct.

Diagnostically Agnostic – this means that we don’t need to know why you need the sessions.

The system works with your brain to optimise it’s overall function and

help it perform at it’s best no matter what.

Life Changing – as mentioned above, all results are individual but some of the benefits people have reported have been :   

  • An overall sense of calm and clarity,

  • more focused, more energy, 

  • healthier sleeping habits 

  • Improved concentration and ability to follow direction

  • Enhanced learning capacity

  • Improved self esteem

  • An overall ability to cope with the stresses of life

  • and the list goes on.

Whether you are interested in an IN OFFICE session or to rent a system to use in the comfort of your own home 

 we would love to support you on your journey with NeurOptimal ®.

and assist you to operate at your optimal capacity.

Interested in trying a session? 

Call us on 0404 091 510 or email us on


Our Services

For More information on renting a system please refer to our
rental guide and conditions
or call Carlie on 0404 091 510
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