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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about Neurofeed back therepy. If your question isn't in the list,  and there is something you still want to know, email us on:

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What can I expect after my first session? Do not expect anything, the training is individual to you and as a result will be different for you then it is for someone else. If you are expecting something to happen, this can decrease your ability to see that something maybe shifting in another area. Keep an open mind and be surprised as you embark on this journey.

Is there an age limit or groups of people that shouldn’t use NeurOptimal®? No. We have had people using NeurOptimal® while pregnant, children have used it, babies, teens, elderly. Some people have even used it on their animals Because NeurOptimal® is a training system it is irrelevant the person’s age, gender, diagnosis or symptoms The software is working with you and all results are individual to you.

Does NeurOptimal® cause side effects? Side effects occur when something been introduced and as a result change has been made. An example of this would be taking medication for the first time and you notice a side effect. NeurOptimal® does not add anything to your body or force any changes. All shifts that occur are a result of your brain and central nervous system choosing what to do based on the information that the system gives it.

How will I know when I am finished with the training? Trust your body, you will know when you don't feel as if you need the training anymore. You might then just want to do one off top ups or you might not need anything at all. Trust yourself, you know your body.

Can I do other things while training? Yes you can ABSOLUTELY do other things while training. Some people knit, watch videos or play games (with the sound down), work or even sleep. As long as you are listening to the audio through the system, you are free to do almost anything whilst being connected.

Will the training last? Yes, Training with NeurOptimal® lasts. During the sessions your brain is forming new connections to support you to perfom at your optimal level. These connections have now been made and further sessions just build on these foundations. The new connections or pathways are then always there. Some clients choose to do a top up training session to boost their capacity.

Is there anyone that shouldn't use NeurOptimal? No, Everyone will benefit from using NeurOptimal. Just like going to the gym to keep your body fit and healthy, NeurOptimal trains the brain to work at it optimal level

Can I use NeurOptimal while on medication? Yes, you can be on medication and use NeurOptimal(R). This is because medication and Neurofeedback work differently. Your medication works chemically with your body and the Neurofeedback trains your to brain and central nervous system to regulate itself. Due to this, you may find that in time you need less medication as your body is functioning to it's potential. As a result of this, we strongly advise that you consult your medical practitioner during the course of your training so that your doctor can review your medical needs.

How often do I need to do a session? Rely on how you are feeling. You know yourself better than anyone. Once a week is what most people do when they are doing out of home rental. But those renting the system have the luxury of training every day if they want to. More does not necessarily mean better, but rather regular training is what will assist your brain to be more resilient and flexible in the chaos of life. Remember this is a training program, not a treatment so just using the system is the important step that will lead to change.

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