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What to Expect During Your First In Office NeurOptimal® session

Come with No Expectations
First off all it’s best to come with no expectations.

The training is individual to you and as a result will be different for you than it is for someone else.

If you are expecting something to happen, this can decrease your ability to see that something maybe shifting in another area.

Keep an open mind and be surprised as you embark on this journey.
Please allow 45 minutes to an hour for your first session, so that we can talk about the process and set a baseline using our tracking tools, we can also answer any questions you may have.

You will then sit in a comfortable chair and we will place sensors on your ears and head and you will listen to music through headphones. The sensors are plugged into the zAmp , which feeds the information into the system and your training begins.

A NeurOptimal® session runs for 33 minutes

You will hear slight blips or interruptions in the music, this is all part of the training, as the system dances with your brain and Central Nervous System training with it, supporting it to become more flexible and resilient.

It’s important to note that NeurOptimal® does not put anything into your brain or take anything out, it is 100% non-invasive. The sensors are measuring your brain activity. Then the system interprets this showing your brain information about itself, in turn supporting it to come back to the present moment.
Much like when you are driving along the road and you veer out of your lane, the rumble strips remind you to correct your driving, the little interruptions you will hear in the music playing will give your brain the opportunity to correct itself.

NeurOptimal® is not a medical device and therefore it not used as a treatment but rather a training tool to support your brain and central nervous system to perform at its optimal potential. As a result no diagnosis is required and it is safe for everyone to use. 

Just like training your body at the gym, NeurOptimal® trains your brain.
Over the course of the training, using the tracking tools provided, you will start to notice the shifts that are taking place (and we are of course here to support you along the way as well)


Sound like something you might want to try? 

For more Information

Contact us on: 
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