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What can Neuro Feedback Training with NeurOptimal® do ?

Provide Assistance when there is no diagnosis in place
Like us, you may have jumped through all the hoops in the system and still come up with no answers and are still left with the problems.

No matter what is happening for the individual, NeurOptimal® works by making the brain and Central Nervous System (CNS) more flexible and resilient. Supporting you to operate at your optimal potential.
Often people start using NeurOptimal® for one issue and are suprised to find many other benefits along the way. 
20170707 Neuroptimal Stock 240 boy reading.jpg
20170707 Neuroptimal Stock 240 boy reading.jpg
Assist with ADHD Symptoms

Research has shown that NeurOptimal®  can assist with the

management of ADHD symptoms by:

  • Increasing your ability to focus for longer

  • Enhancing ability to cope in stressful situations

  • Increased ability to communicate feelings

  • Reduction in duration, frequency and intensity of mood swings

  • Promotes healthy sleeping habits.

If medication for ADHD is part of your current treatment plan, we recommend that you keep in touch with your doctor so that they can review your medical needs.

Help with Autism Symptoms

It is important to note that NeurOptimal® is not a cure for Austism but rather a system that supports the brain and Central Nervous System (CNS). Just like when you are driving if you veer out of your lane and the rumble strips remind you to correct your driving. NeurOptimal® works by showing your brain information allowing it to self correct leading to an array of changes in your life. Some of the improvements that have been noted in children with Autism are:

  • Improved Emotional Resilience and reduction in outbursts

  • Increased mood stability

  • Decrease in hyperactivity and anxiety

  • Enhanced communication

  • Improved rentention and attention span

  • The ability to better cooperate at home and school

PASS_2022_037 boy doing home work.jpg
Anxiety Management

 NeurOptimal®  can assist with the management of Anxiety in a non invasive, pain free way.

Stress and Anxiety is a result of the brain working in "fight or flight" mode. During the training, the system shows your brain information about itself, giving it the opportunity to self correct. Much like if you were to walk past a mirror and notice that you had your shirt untucked, you might choose to tuck it in, similarly now, your brain has new information to support it to work in a more effective state.

Peak Performance

Whether you want to improve your golf swing, are training for an Ultra Marathon, or even want that extra competitive edge in the business world. With NeurOptimal® your brain and body train to work in tandem to their potential and when your brain and body are working their best, the results are limitless

Image by Courtney Cook
What else can NeurOptimal® support you with?
  • Sleep Issues

  • Addiction

  • Depression

  • PTSD and trauma

  • Mood Regulation

  • Brain Fog

  • Memory Function

  • Tinnitus

  • Lyme Disease

And the list goes on.....


Sound like something you might want to try? 

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