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Proudly Providing Neurofeedback Sessions and In Home Rentals with NeurOptimal® 
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Sometimes Life throws you a curve ball and you just need a little bit of assistance.
Maybe, you are an athlete wanting to reach the next level of your game.
Or someone that needs help to focus on your tasks.
For us, we were searching for a way to help our child regulate her emotions
and in turn NeurOptimal® helped the whole family differently.
Whatever your reason, you have come to the right place.
And we can't wait to support you on your journey with Neuroptimal®


MIKE, Age 38

"After having a stroke I was keen to try  NeurOptimal® from hearing about the benefits. After 5 miniutes it was clear from the sense of carity and focus it gave me, this service was outstanding and just what I needed.


Truely worth exploring if you're stressesd, tired or run down.

The real proof that it was working for me was 15 minutes into the session I noticed my resting heart rate had dropped by 10 beats per minute, highlighting the impact that the brain has over the body" 


"I love NeurOptimal® "

LUCAS, Age 42

 Amazing! I was introduced to  NeurOptimal®  by my psychologist As I am  very self aware and have all the tools to work through my anxiety and depression, I just wasn't using my skill set.

When I am well, I use the tools I have, when I am unwell I am  unmotivated " I don't feel like practicing mindfulness"

This is where NeurOptimal®  helped.

The closest thing I can describe it to be is like meditation without trying. After each session I was calmer, happier more mindful and more motivated.

The screaming kids were not a problem, I could enjoy the sunset on the way home even with the traffic around me , this inturn helped me use the tools I had to get back on track.

Now i Just do a session now and then and feel great!"

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